I’m willing to believe this method really could save the world. Will people work it? That is the question…
— Mr. Christopher Shore, Director, Natural Environment & Climate Issues, World Vision International

There’s a conundrum at the core of our quantum physics, philosophy of consciousness and mathematics, that also lies at the heart of every technical problem, social conflict & human emotion - A Contradiction. Or, more precisely, duality or paradox. You see, we always need at least two, potentially opposing, viewpoints to have a full picture of the truth. And if we can see these parts from a new level of observation as a single, useful whole, then we can resolve every problem. Thankfully, we don’t need quantum entanglement to address creative and emotional challenges from an integrated viewpoint. Genrich Altshuller’s Contradiction Matrix and a non-dual worldview are the key. These methods are the basis of my most successful training programmes. Corporate clients say they make life super simple and take innovation to the next level. Want this secret for your professional development or to pass on to your kids ? Just check out my programmes below.

This is so much more than just a book club. It’s a Mastermind, Brain Trust and coaching opportunity designed to give educators & students the most modern methods & mindsets for breakthrough innovation in their own projects and community culture.

Inspired by the format of animation company Pixar’s Brain Trust, it’s a gentle yet effective means to push toward excellence in creativity and innovation education.

You see, the books included for discussion cover all the same material I usually provide in my UK-leading corporate training programmes. This means you can join the club for both personal & professional development.

But this format is also supposed to be low-stress ! So you can choose whether you want to ‘just talk’ and explore, or on the other hand, start implementing everything you learn right away, with my support.

We’ll read one book together approximately each month or so. There’ll be a 2-hour Masterclass at the beginning of each new book, to go through the whole lot in one sitting, just like I do in my corporate training. And then we’ll be live online together once a week in our group zoom meetings or dedicated facebook Q&A, as you go through the book at your own pace and start to test your new insights in your community. I’ll share my expertise on the topic, along with like-minded others, experts & colleagues.

There’s no obligation to sign up for a year - you can decide month by month if you want to be there. And don’t worry about getting left behind. This is a limited size group and I’ll check on everyone personally and regularly, to make sure you’re getting the value you want !

For more information, have a look here.

This is my signature Coaching & Training - the thing I normally only offer on-site for corporates and series A/B entrepreneurs. Now available for gifted young inventors & educators too.

It's a 3-month VIP level programme designed to help you deliver world-class innovation results on intractable problems in any industry.

Whether you want to upskill for your own projects, coach and train individual clients, lead an A-team to technical success, revitalise your corporate culture or launch a community invention hub, The Invention Catalyst method will open the door to your new career as an expert in interdisciplinary creation.  

With the right intention & dedication to the programme, I guarantee you’ll be able to radically upgrade your mind-set, transform the way your designers do innovation or start a new business that earns you an income, before you finish the programme.