Amazing Outcomes ...
— Mr. Werner Bernard, Head of Airbus Flight Academy, Airbus GmbH

If you were to ask 50,000 inventors and creators how they make stuff and look at all their processes side-by-side, you’d find each step is roughly the same [I did this in my PhD]. What this means is that the whole process of creation is a kind of pattern that’s built into us, as human beings. And we all follow it automatically, without ever being taught. Yet we can also consciously learn the pattern, to create even faster and better. Essentially, this is a map of the journey of innovation. It’s a way to work systematically rather than randomly. The Innovation Map enhances every other creativity tool or thinking system you already use [including TRIZ] and can transform the way you work with creative teams. Put the map together with the Inspiration Cards for a complete coaching system or minor cultural revolution - the Rulebook tells you how.

Scientific research proves there are 7 steps that are common to the way all human beings think when they make, create or produce any kind of stuff.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Fashion Designer or Aerospace Designer, whether you’re Aristotle or a Hollywood screenwriter. These 7 steps of thinking define the story or journey you must take, to make your creation come alive.

The Innovation Map outlines these steps. It’s a Hero’s Journey with very exact questions. Each question is informed by big data patterns from Buddhism, Biology, Engineering & Managerial Cybernetics.

Combine this map with the Inspiration Cards [arranged by colour] to create an innovation game that you can use for teaching Design & Technology in Key Stage 3 UK schools, or to define an epic quest with answers at the highest levels of technical R&D.

Please note, you’ll also need the PRIZM Game Rulebook [on this page], to make sense of what to do at each step.

This Rulebook was designed for teachers and corporate facilitators to run the PRIZM Game, a simplified and expanded version of TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving.

It describes how to ask better questions and get better answers using the 7 Steps of Creation outlined in The Innovation Map [on this page] and The 40 Inventive Principles hidden in the Inspiration Cards. It also includes The Saurus, to turbo-boost brainstorming.

The process can work as a teaching aid or a corporate workshop [I can also guarantee billion-dollar outcomes in engineering, if you ask me to be your coach].

Play the game super-quick if you like. Just 90 minutes and you’re done. Or spend all day getting world-class solutions with your A-team. It’s up to you.