A unique call to arms

I originally developed this programme as an innovation ecosystem for thousands of participants. My clients were intelligent and big-hearted but a bit critical. They had little time and no support to solve huge problems, so they didn’t really want to be bothered with lots of new information. So I had to figure out how they could be excited to independently learn, happy to train each other and dedicated to share insights and successes that would develop into bigger wins over a longer term.

Turns out the best way to do this, is to mimic the growth of religions and the journey of children’s natural learning processes. So the ecosystem became a flipped, blended, gamified way to approach creativity and develop a sustainable innovation culture that works with kids as young as 7 years old and environments as tough as Aerospace.

Now I want to help you do the same in your local community.

Are you an early adopter with a compassionate heart? Want to connect multiple disciplines & explore deep, universal truths with real, immediate, simple & useful outcomes? Like your world creatively structured and responsive, based on the core premise that every problem can be solved if we approach it the right way? Desperate to change your future right now and help others change theirs?

Join my experiment. Let’s build an Innovation Army.

This is not just another creativity or innovation course. It’s your big chance to :

  • seed creativity, invention & innovation in your world

  • compound your compassion, charity & community leadership

  • magnify your own capacity to work with the patterns of the cosmos

  • make an impact on the lives of others while you learn

  • transform yourself as well as the team you build and customers who rally around you

  • and, by the way, invent a totally new career.

No degree required

As a 6-figure corporate coach who invented her own career, by combining spiritual practise with scientific degrees and experience in more than 7 disciplines, I can help other dreamers become thriving Creativity Coaches, build Community Maker Centres, and bring their own innovations to the world in a big way. 

That said, I still spent 7 whole years trying to find a better way. All my spare time went on trying to learn business, both online and in face-to-face events, in more courses than you can count. I even tried [way too early] to hire people to help me, and then paid for their education too. In the end, all that trial and error cost me about USD$500k before suddenly a penny dropped and I finally understood the one essential secret that your favourite role model [be they artist, scientist, meditator, inventor, coach or entrepreneur] is using to consistently achieve success. And then I figured out how to build this brand in a way that can grow internationally and indefinitely.


  • Replace an entire annual corporate manager's income with only 30-60 days of work each year

  • Truly be myself with colleagues I consider friends, whose motivation to improve the world matches mine and who inspire each other to take risks and reach hew horizons

  • Choose my own schedule and make a home everywhere [not just anywhere] in the world … 3 months in Melbourne & Sydney, 3 months in Dordogne or Costa del Sol, a small flurry of visits to Bath, New York, Oaxaca & Singapore and the rest on pilgrimage in India, Nepal and Tibet, hooray ...

  • Write, meditate and take retreat time for myself, as well as care for and contribute to the lives of those I love, give spontaneous gifts, share luxurious lunches, laughter and other celebrations …


Because I believe you dream the same dream. I believe you want to :

... wake up filled with enthusiasm and go to bed each day filled with gratitude for the immediate impact you’re having with your kids, clients and community
... enjoy the respect that comes from running a successful Creativity Coaching business based on fundamental principles of how the cosmos works
... feel the difference in ALL areas of your life as your confidence, career and income grow

Now, of course you know it’s not easy to get clients and make money when you start your own business. And you also know that 85% of new small businesses fail in the first 2 years. And so maybe right now you’re thinking, this all sounds amazing but, “It won’t work for me…” , or “I’m not confident enough to start...” 

And I understand your fears. 

But if that's really your mindset and you let it stop you, then you should also stop reading here.

Otherwise, just stop that nonsense now!  

Because if you've got a real spiritual practise or other altruistic motivation to help others plus a certification or solid life experience in art or science, social work or business, teaching or coaching, and are ready to commit just 8-10 days of hard work over as many weeks … then you’re ready to kick-start your own side-hustle or invent your new career teaching creativity and leading a Community Maker Space with The Innovation Army! 


I don’t want you to keep going in circles, throwing your time, money and life force away, making mistakes and suffering like I did. The Innovation Army training programme and membership site will lead you step-by-step through the whole process of starting to transform your world, now!


the core benefitS

The Life We'd Have, If Buddhism, Bitcoin & Facebook Had A Baby

The Innovation Army is different from anything you’ve seen before, different from anything else currently on the market for design and invention, innovation or entrepreneurship or business-coaching. 

Firstly, that’s because it’s a system based on spiritual evolution, living at the top of Bloom's taxonomy and Maslow's hierarchy. It starts with the altruism and compassion and idealism that is core to all Mothers, Christianity and Buddhism and then magnifies the capacity for leadership in daily life by adding the impartial scientific structure of Buddhist meditation.

Second, it works with a lineage and reward system, like bitcoin works with blockchain. Every creative act we do is known and celebrated by everyone in the system, so that together we build a parallel universe that exchanges and builds value by working with fundamental truths, community innovation and cosmic compassion as well as financial growth.

Third, it works socially, with immediate impact on our families and friends, charities and communities. It requires participants to find real problems to solve, not theoretical ones, that cross generations and cultures and disciplines and it integrates social media to make it happen. 

And that’s not to mention the core of new research that can revolutionize the way we teach kids to think, problem-solve and invent. This system lays bare the fundamental patterns of creation proven to underlie the way all human beings create, no matter what they make. Having this information is like a shortcut super-power to productivity.

Finally, the process of teaching is flipped, blended and gamified so that learning is seamless and almost invisible. It means that young people are engaged from start to finish and learn collaboratively with you as coach, taking a load off your hands and enabling you to be their perfect guide, without knowing all the answers.

Suffice to say that this is a rare opportunity to be at the forefront of a movement that intersects the practical, the scientific and the spiritual with proven results as well as room to make your own mark. So once inside this Training, I'll guide you in your own experience of breakthrough personal and professional development and support you to invent your new career in innovation, at the most rapid rate possible. You‘ll achieve the kind of development that’s usually reserved for exclusive mastermind groups in just 8-10 life-changing weeks ! 

My clients work with me because of my clarity and commitment as much as for insight and inspiration. It’s a powerful combination that in turn means I generally find powerful, compassionate, committed people all around me. In my corporate coaching, my teams break technical records as they find new friendships and depths in themselves. Those who open up with me in the Innovation Army will doubtless do the same and together LIVE A DREAM THAT WAS NEVER POSSIBLE TO LIVE BEFORE.



This is your curriculum -- what you’ll learn and do, so you can seed your own Innovation Army. 

MODULE 1. Overview of The Innovation Army - a gamified education kit & internal reward system for ages 7 - 21: This is what a fledgling MMP avatar system looks like, when you’re living inside it, fulfilling the quests and learning the lessons of becoming a creative Hero in the flesh. This is the landscape you will cover with your army, when you build it - and in the meantime, it’s what you will practise, to turboboost your own creativity and ensure you know what your army needs to do.

MODULE 2. The 40 Inventive Principles & DIY Inspiration Cards: These are the Best Answers Man & Nature Ever Had to Solve Any Problem -  They hail from big data patterns in biology and engineering and are the first of the 3 fundamental patterns of creativity with which we defeat every kind of external problem in The Innovation Army.

MODULE 3. The 5 Ice-breaker Games in their 4 Flavours: Quests designed for you to learn the 40 Principles, without knowing you are learning. Also, the first step to get involved and make active new links with your friends, family and local community.

MODULE 4. How To See A Dancing Tree, Dreaming Tools and The Saurus : This is your definitive guide to creating your own arsenal of analogies and improving your brainstorming by 300%. 

MODULE 5. The Dr. Suess Universe and The Inspiration Guide Set: These are the 3 fundamental divisions of the Universe, which define all possible problems we can solve.  We must know these in addition to being creative with brainstorming, because if we can always find an answer, then we’d better make sure it’s for the right question. You get to practise these with your friends, family and community too.

MODULE 6. The 3 Gatekeepers: The last piece of the puzzle requires us to make good decisions about the answers or ideas we find. This is the Trinity that determines how all spacetime hangs together and tells you where to place your best bets. You need to keep this info in your back pocket at all times, as a reference.

MODULE 7. Levelling Up: To ramp up your expertise and expand your army, its the leader’s turn to seed or invent a game within a game. You can create a bigger world for your army to explore, with treasure-hunts, geocaching, almost any social game Jane McGonigal mentions - or make up a game of your own. Additional options for levelling up include greater integration of social media - making blog diaries, instagram stories, facebook live, podcasts, movies, documentaries etc. We discuss how to choose and use these options.

MODULE 8. Next Steps - Planning Your Weekend Job or Career: Finding your first school, uni, community or charity client group. Advertising, legal requirements and other stuff you need to know for set-up. How to get support from Anja and the team, and how to report on progress, to ensure you build up your Innovation Army rewards. 

Your most important takeaways might also be more personal : 

You’ll supercharge your mindset to make creative and social breakthroughs. We’ll leave behind all ‘old programming’, excuses and blocks that others want to put in our way and discover we can be unapologetic and unstoppable, even with compassion.

Whether you're new to the coaching game or have been running your business for a while, this is a breakthrough to excellence. The proven science and gameful deployment strategies are an unbeatable combination that give you a turboboost for massive growth in any field of innovation.

The Innovation Army could give your desire to serve, make a difference for others and live your own highest purpose ‘wings’. You'll have everyone’s support in fulfilling your aspirations towards a purpose-driven life and business. 

The basic humanity and spiritual foundation of Innovation Army is the fertile soil to build amazing new personal relationships that keep you from feeling alone. You’ll bond with powerful, compassionate, committed and completely lovely people here. You might seed lifelong friendships and business partnerships. 

No one joins The Innovation Army just to do business - we don’t let anyone like that in. And of course we want to concentrate on our learning and get great results. But we also want to hang out and have an all-around great experience. From our weekly online training meet-ups to larger events as we grow, we’ll make sure that fun and pure joy are always parts of the equation.



Ok, how will your material be delivered? Well, in the 8 short weeks [and 2 bonus weeks] with me, I'll provide:


  • An official Innovation Army handbook plus additional booklets for modules 2, 4, 5 and 6

  • Done-for-you lesson plans, step-by-step templates and examples for each exercise

  • Live weekly training calls [Fridays on zoom] where you receive 1:1 coaching with me to address your unique goals and situation as we go through the handbook

  • Live weekly Q&A calls [Thursdays on Facebook live] to recap the previous week and clear up any issues you might have from the previous week, before moving onto the next step.

  • Access as fishbowl witness to private coaching of all group members, to super-charge your own coaching skills

  • Private members portal with supplementary videos and all live training and Q&A calls uploaded for 24/7 access. You can also communicate with others and ask for help from the group at any time.


  • Connect with the other highly committed coaches creating their Innovation Army on the Facebook forum and keep each other accountable and up-to-date.

  • Post your questions in the private Forum for additional access to me.


  • Full email access to me for 10 weeks, so you can have my full support as you start to find your Army and build your dream world. Submit your questions directly for personalised help and get your answer every week