this course WILL NOT TEACH YOU TO be more creative.

Nope. I didn’t just contradict the sub-title above.

The thing is, you see, all my clients are always super creative, even if they don’t believe they are. So I’m especially sure that you here, reading this page, can touch a deep well of creativity inside yourself - and love sharing it, when you get a chance.

Indeed, I’d guess that you’re the kind of person who gets excited about all sorts of odd bits of information other people dismiss - finding hidden patterns in words and pictures, seeing what isn’t [physically] there, thinking in contradictions and archetypes, mashing up ideas that don’t fit, putting together science & business & spirit.

Hooray. That’s the kind of interdiscIpLinary insight the world sorely needs now.

And YOU are the kind of person the world needs to learn from.

You see, the biggest issue we collectively face with improving our creativity and innovation and leading the next generation to the future is NOT about having random ideas or bringing more widgets to market, regardless of how important such economics are. Rather, it’s about ‘Being A Creator’ and unveiling more of our own and others’ intrinsic nature. It’s about how to LIVE our creativity and compassion and care in every instant of our working life and not save it for special occasions.

If you’re up for helping this happen, then this is an opportunity for you!

But don’t be fooled - this is not some vague, feel-good instagram proposition. Some knowhow is required. Three steps, to be precise. We’ll need to know:

and Ok. Yes, definitely. I can guarantee to show you patterns that will 10x your existing capacity to reframe challenges, generate new ideas & Make Them Count.

I’ll give you access to a proven, repeatable system that defines how to think in universal patterns that solve every practical problem we face. I can tell you fantastic stories about the scientific research behind asking better questions, getting better answers and making them count.

But more importantly, I can show you how to lead others who don’t think this way. I can show you how to present your dreams and dreaming and love as the baseline foR innovation SKILLS local communities WANT, SO THEY will clamour for, respect & pay you.

So I’m not expecting to improve your creativity - that’s actually your added bonus! What I’m expecting is to help Dreamers and Seers who like to Make and Do, make a part-time business of creatively and compassionately solving problems for others.

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Of course there isn’t some magic pill you can take that will MAKe you a RENOWNED EXPERT AND give you clients overnight. But if we work together, you’ll find it’s easier than you might think.

This course is a world-first. The content is considered nationally-leading in UK [by government judges] and internationally competitive with the best innovation tools on the market. That’s because I created it to fill all the gaps that currently exist in other creativity tools and methods.

So it means that if you learn and teach this system, you can do something that all the other innovation coaches using all the other popular methods cannot do.

For instance, The Creativity Catalyst method improves :

  • TRIZ [The famous Theory of Inventive Problem-solving] and CPD because they take far too long to teach and get results. You need to be an expert in engineering or study years to use them properly. On the other hand, the Creativity Catalyst condenses the essence of these systems so you can understand and apply them in just a few hours.

  • Design Thinking, Business Model Innovation, Lean and Lean Launch Pad, because they’re back-end only. That means they don’t actually help you have a fantastic idea that no one has ever had in the first place, before you take it to market. They rely on you asking the market what it wants and as Henry Ford said, if you do that, people just say they want a faster horse. In other words, old thinking will get you old results and not a breakthrough to the future.

  • All other creativity tools, because they have little relevance to the proven process of creative thinking or the fundamental patterns of creation. They can’t help you access the same kinds of shortcuts the universe and best AI use, to get results - which is, of course, what the Creativity Catalyst method does.

I hope you’ve had a look at these old methods, so you know how much quicker, simpler, more fun and more impactful the Creativity Catalyst method can be. IF YOU WANT A DETAILED quickstart to A MORE CREATIVE JOB, THIS IS DEFINITELY THE PLACE for you.

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Here’s everything you can expect to learn when you become a creativity catalyst

The Journey to 10x your Personal Creativity and Start Your Own Part-Time Consulting Job.


1. DISCOVER THE 3 STAGES OF CREATION. These are the first of the fundamental patterns of creativity. You’ll see how these fit into an even larger picture - the 7 steps of the Hero’s Journey in a Movie and the business of innovation. You’ll hear the scientific evidence and the story of this discovery and then make it relevant to your own life. You’ll be asked to bring 3 challenges from your own life to the table - one personally pressing one, one locally or socially relevant and the last, the global issue that concerns you most.

2. CLARIFY HOW TO ASK BETTER QUESTIONS. Today you’ll unearth the 3 fundamental divisions of the Universe, which define all possible problems we can solve. It’s crucial to know these distinctions for your questions before you get creative with brainstorming. After all, it’s pretty sure you can always find an answer for something, but you’d better make sure it’s for the right question. We will make sure your 3 challenges satisfy these criteria, so you can understand them, and your potential to find solutions for them, better than you ever have before.

3. GET BETTER ANSWERS THAN ANYONE. Today we DIY a set of Inspiration Cards based on the 40 Inventive Principles from TRIZ [The Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving]. These are statistically the best answers man & nature ever had to solve any problem - they hail from big data patterns in biology and engineering. We’ll connect the instructions with pictures so they are more memorable and you’ll learn a bunch of ice-breaker games, to make sure we have maximum fun while learning. Finally, you’ll work with the cards to solve the first of your own challenges.

3. LEARN TO SEE A DANCING TREE. This secret will improve your brainstorming by up to 300%. We’ll create a library of analogies, based on your favourite things, so that you never forget your best sources of inspiration for problem-solving. It’s your definitive guide to creating an arsenal of analogies that link your daily life, dreams, dreaming and scientific solutions. We’ll work with these to solve your second challenge. Doing the third is your homework!

4. MAKE STUFF COUNT. The last stage of creation requires us to make good decisions about the answers or ideas we find. Here you’ll befriend The 3 Gatekeepers who tell you which communities care about your idea and where to place your best bets. This is the Trinity that determines how all spacetime hangs together so you need to keep this info in your back pocket at all times, as a reference. Today you’ll revisit all the solutions you’ve come up with for your challenges in previous modules and pick the ones that can really make a difference in your life or your clients.

5. PLANNING YOUR PART-TIME JOB. Let’s talk about how you can find your first school, Uni, community or charity client group to solve problems for. We’ll cover advertising, legal requirements and other stuff you need to know to set-up. I’ll support you if you keep me posted on your progress, cos maybe you will want to build an Innovation Army afterwards, too. 

Your most important takeaways might also be more personal - such as : 

As you supercharge your mindset to make social breakthroughs, not just creative ones, you’ll leave behind all old excuses and blocks that society may want to put in your way. You’ll discover you can lead others to a future they can’t yet imagine, with maximum compassion.

Becoming a Creativity Catalyst could be the thing you’ve been waiting for, to live your highest purpose. And even if its just a stepping stone, you'll have my total support in fulfilling your aspirations towards a purpose-driven life and business. 

No one works with me just to do business - I couldn’t stand it. So while we naturally want to concentrate on learning and results, I also want to make sure you have an all-around great experience so joy is always part of the equation.





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And this is how your learning will go down.

In our time together I'll provide:


  • Step-by-step templates and examples for each module - not just for you - These are what you will present to your clients too. These are your SOLID foundation for growth.

  • LIVE Weekly training calls for Modules 1-4 : Mondays on zoom. Here I go through every step of the process of learning and teaching IN VIRTUAL PERSON with you. All the VITAL things you never knew you wanted to ask.

  • LIVE Final training call for Module 5: The Last Friday on zoom. Here I go through all the business-y & marketing stuff you need to kick-start your weekend hustle. This call might go on forever, because I will stay as long as it takes to ANSWER EVERY SINGLE QUESTION you have.

  • 1:1 coaching with me to address your unique goals and situation as we go through the process - if you want it, you get this chance every week following straight on from the training call. This is the way for you to get MAXIMUM growth in MINIMUM time.

  • Fishbowl witness to private coaching of all other group members asking questions after the training call. Listening to these will doubtless also give you additional insights. Learn what NOT to do too.

  • Private facebook group and members portal with supplementary videos and all live training and Q&A uploaded. This means that if you miss a weekly call or want to repeat a lesson, you have 24/7 access. Forever. You can also communicate with others and ask for help and accountability partners in the group at any time. Feel that you are part of a TEAM, if you want to be.

  • Full email access to me for 6 weeks [up to 14 days longer than the training], so you can have extra support as you start to build your weekend business post training. Submit your questions directly for personalised help and get your answer within 48 hours.


my 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

This course gives you my very best and simplest creativity breakthrough strategies, which helped me earn a multiple six-figure salary in my first years of consulting and produce billions of Euros value for my corporate clients. I’ve taught these strategies to thousands of other students so far and am sure you will find enormous value in them. And of course your satisfaction and testimonials are important to me, which is why I offer a 30-day refund period - guaranteed. Please note however, that my guarantee it will work depends on you actually doing the work, because a business doesn’t build itself ! Please read my full Refund Policy here.

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let me clear up some fears you might be having

  1. I’ve never studied creativity or innovation. So I’m already behind.

    Nope. As little as 15 years ago, no one believed creativity or innovation could be taught. Even now, few people realise there is a repeatable and quasi-universal system by which creation happens and which we can use for solving any kind of practical problem or making any kind of product. And even now, people are caught up in trends about ‘innovation’, that have little real scientific research behind them. The truth is, you’re not behind at all. You’re in front!

  2. Will this course really give me the capacity to teach creativity at world class level, even if I don’t have a Uni degree? Can I teach in corporate as well as local communities and charity?

    Yes. And yes. But making that happen definitely depends on your starting point and the time you put in. For instance, if you’re a young person who has just left school and you have no University degree or life experience yet, it will take longer for you to reach the level where corporates will take you seriously - where you can really guarantee to get the kind of results they will pay top dollar for. On the other hand, if you’re a stay-at-home Mum with life experience, or a spiritual seeker with lots of insight into how universal patterns work or a post-grad student with expertise in a particular area, then you can probably get to world-class standard and make an impact and earn good money pretty quickly.

  3. I’m not sure your strategies would work for my community.

    Well, if you live in a particularly conservative environment, where no one wants to change, that’s possibly true. It’s always difficult to convince people to do something they really don’t want to do, and I don’t suggest you waste your time trying! But as long as you’re talking to people who do want to learn the latest strategies to improve themselves and their communities, the Creativity Catalyst method and business will work everywhere.

  4. How do you know I can make my own business selling creativity classes ? I don’t have any background in sales.

    Well, the truth is I don’t really know you can make your own business or sell these classes. But I’m not inviting you to learn to sell anything. I am inviting you to join me in starting a movement based on a belief that fundamental patterns are the future of innovation. I am expecting that you can tempt others to your classes and lead them to the future based on your natural excitement for the topic, and your natural enthusiasm for making a difference in the world. All the research about leaders of movements shows that your faith and dedication is what inspires followers.

  5. Why wouldn’t I just make a local consulting business or Invention Hub with Design Thinking instead ?

    Sure you could. And it will be good while it lasts! But it will be out of date in a few years because it’s too focussed on the back-end of the creative process - the future of innovation belongs to those who can think differently at the front-end. DT and other innovation tools also lack room and incentive for teachers to grow socially, ethically and intellectually - they don’t have the spiritual depth nor scientific foundation that can make a long-lasting impact, the way this system can potentially do it. But of course you need to follow your heart and choose what feels best for you.


  1. Do you offer a refund or guarantee ?

    Yep. That’s it, above. And check these terms, too.

  2. How long do I have access to the course?

    You have access to the training videos forever. Facebook and email access are limited to the 5 week delivery time of the course.

  3. What format is the course delivered in ?

    Actually it’s LIVE coaching. But you also get recorded videos, worksheets and eventually also transcriptions of each video.

  4. Are you going to ask me to buy a whole heap of other expensive products to make this work?

    Nope. Though if you love this course, you’ll probably want to level up to The Innovation Army afterwards, to give you real scope to grow. And if you want to deliver courses at corporate level, you’ll probably want to order official sets of the Inspiration Cards, instead of taking your own handmade ones in to the executives. I can also point you to a heap of books you might like to read for further information. But anything I suggest is only a recommendation and no way known will I do any hard sell. Ick.

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