A mini-training IN 3 emails …

designed to fit neatly into your morning tea breakS.

This set of emails is the most condensed, powerful kickstart & probably the only FREE TRIZ Training you’ll find on the web. It’s what I give to corporates in a 3-hour morning session, that costs each participant 300GBP to attend.

But now I’ve gamified the method, so you can learn it in minutes! And I’m giving it away free, cos this is the kind of breakthrough all our kids should have, to solve everyday problems, and make a positive impact on the world, before breakfast. All I ask of you, is to pass it on !

how will it change your life?

First, you’ll find out how the 40 Inventive Principles were discovered, how they’re simplified and why they’re important for innovation. Knowing they are ‘The Best Answers Man & Nature Ever Had, For Any Problem’ gives you bragging rights.

Next, you can follow instructions to DIY your own Inspiration Cards based on these 40 answers. This video will keep your own kids busy for hours on a Saturday afternoon, and makes a fantastic done-for-you exercise for Key Stage 3 D&T in Schools too.

Finally, you’ll get an introduction to Analogy, the crucial missing component of most brainstorming, that improves idea generation & speed by 300%. When you put this trick together with the cards you just made, you’ll be ready to lead others to have six impossible ideas by breakfast and if you implement it, you can tick off one hour of CPD.

Disclaimer: They’re not the most gorgeous, movie-like videos you’ll ever see, but all the info you need is there, in the least time it takes to say !