How Can We See What Everyone Else Has Seen & Think What No One Else Has Thought?
— Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Welcome Lovely Friends.

On this page, you will find everything I believe adult coaches need in their back pocket to successfully guide young people to a new career. In other words, it provides all the background information you need to know, to answer questions from your participants and guide your Army to success. It contains a short version of much but not all the material in The Invention Catalyst, The Innovation Map & PRIZM Game Process - although it hides the 7 steps of the creative journey, to be unveiled later.  These modules are for your information as coaches - they are not to be copied nor passed on to your class in this format as 'training', unless you choose to be certified to that level. The Innovation Army handbook itself [download in Module 1] is the only thing you pass on to others - this provides the structure for running the Army for kids.  

I look forward to all your feedback and input on this experiment ... and maybe seeding a new career path for kids with you.






This is the launch meeting or first webinar recording for The Innovation Army.

I cover why it exists, how it currently looks, and what I think we might be able to do with it. 

At the end, you will find out about the potential for growing your influence and the potential financial returns for all of us.






An overview of the Innovation Army gamified education kit & internal reward system for ages 7-21: This is what a fledgling MMP avatar system looks like, when you’re living inside it, fulfilling the quests and learning the lessons of becoming a creative Hero in the flesh. This is the landscape you will cover with your Army, when you build it - and in the meantime, it’s what you will practise, to turboboost your own creativity and ensure you know what your army needs to do ...  And below is the current version of The Innovation Army handbook  - i.e. the actual programme that we would run for young people. 



The 40 Inventive Principles & DIY Inspiration Cards: These are the Best Answers Man & Nature Ever Had to Solve Any Problem -  They hail from big data patterns in biology and engineering and are the first of the 3 fundamental patterns of creativity with which we defeat every kind of external problem in the Army.

And below are the two videos and handouts for this module.




The 5 Ice-breaker Games in their 4 Flavours: Quests designed for you to learn the 40 principles, without knowing you are learning. Also, the first step to get involved and make active new links with your friends, family and local community.




How To See A Dancing Tree and The Saurus : This is your definitive guide to creating your own arsenal of analogies and improving your brainstorming by 300%.


The Dr. Suess Universe and The Inspiration Guide Set: These are the 3 fundamental divisions of the Universe, which define all possible problems we can solve.  We must know these in addition to being creative with brainstorming, because if we can always find an answer, then we’d better make sure it’s for the right question. You get to practise these with your friends, family and community too.




The 3 Gatekeepers: The last piece of the puzzle requires us to make good decisions about the answers or ideas we find. This is the Trinity that determines how all spacetime hangs together and tells you where to place your best bets. You need to keep this info in your back pocket at all times, as a reference.



Levelling Up: To ramp up your expertise and expand your army, its the leader’s turn to seed or invent a game within a game. You can create a bigger world for your army to explore, with treasure-hunts, geocaching, almost any social game Jane McGonigal mentions - or make up a game of your own. Additional options for levelling up include greater integration of social media - making blog diaries, instagram stories, facebook live, podcasts, movies, documentaries etc. We discuss how to choose and use these options.




Next Steps - Planning Your Weekend Job or Career: Finding your first school, uni, community or charity client group. Advertising, legal requirements and other stuff you need to know for set-up. How to get support from Anja and the team, and how to report on progress, to ensure you build up your Innovation Army Major rewards.