THIS used to be my Flagship Process …

This is the thing I offered to corporate engineers. The thing that can guarantee a billion dollar return for a company with a billion dollar question in just 2 days.

It synthesizes all the information and tools of Basic TRIZ [The Theory of Inventive-Problem-Solving], simplifies and hides them in the psychological and spiritual context of The Innovation Map, then adds the Inspiration Cards in a game format that takes the pressure off getting results [and that is what really makes it work!].

As a result, it’s the clearest, simplest and most powerful innovation tool on the market today.

You can think of it like this - if running the Innovation Army gets you to Field Marshall status, this makes you a General.

Now, I’ve taught tens of seasoned consultants how to work this method & get the same kinds of results I do - So each of us ranks in the top 5% of coaches in the world by result.

Everyone who trained with me and added this method to their toolkit and income stream, loves it. We all charge good money to deliver workshops that solve immediate problems or develop patents. And we all train internal coaches to keep the ball rolling after we leave.

But this is a super difficult business to get into, if you’re not already in it. That means, you need to be a trained coach by profession, with existing expertise and preferably existing clientele. And it helps if you’re also an engineer. And a Buddhist.

There’s such tough criteria to get in the door.

So I currently don’t offer this, unless you’re first really, really insistent that you want it and then prepared to pay industry market rates for it.

For now, I plan to give you most of the training for free in my blogposts, over the next year or so.

Try it all out. See if it helps you & your clients and fits your style of working. Maybe add a bit of simple TRIZ training to your own innovation coaching.

And when you’ve read all those posts and still want the whole hog, please do feel free me to ask me to personally coach you in The 7 Steps of Creation that will rank you as one of the top 5% of industry coaches in the world too.