— Assoc. Professor Margot Wood, Head of Curtin University Executive Development

In the late 1940’s, a young Russian engineer called Genrich Altshuller discovered that only a limited number of solutions were ever used, in all engineering patents that rocked the world. In fact, he saw only 40 common patterns. These came to be known as ‘The 40 Inventive Principles’ and were the cornerstone of his later ‘Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving’ [now known by its Russian acronym, TRIZ]. At the University of Bath, we compared these 40 answers from engineers with the way nature solves problems, and found an overlap of up to 62% - depending on how you ask a question. And since it’s easier to have better ideas if you springboard on someone else’s good ones, we can use this data to trigger our own brainstorming. The tools on this page give you both the simplest explanation as well as THE statistically most powerful, scientifically proven solution set on the market today. Check out the free training and create your own set of cards for idea generation. Or choose the relaxed option and buy your own ‘The Saurus’ or Inspiration Cards by clicking below, to improve your idea generation by 300%.

Research proves there are only 40 answers used in technical industries, to solve the contradictions we always face.

When we put this data together with the way nature solves problems, we have the ‘statistically most relevant set of potential solutions for any problem man & nature ever had’.

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